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Outdoor or Indoor Ceremony?

"The forecast for the day of my wedding showed a 60% chance of rain. I had always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, but I didn't want it to rain on my parade (pun intended). Luckily, we had both an indoor and outdoor location for our ceremony, and it could be changed over quickly if needed. Thankfully, the rain held off until after the ceremony and we were able to have the outdoor wedding I always wanted."

Sound familiar? It can (and does) happen. Fortunately, at Ryan Acres we have you covered. Our outdoor ceremony space is gorgeous, under a grove of trees and sitting next to a gorgeous pond, complete with a fountain. It is to die for. But what if it's raining or other bad weather? We can change over your location to an indoor setup in just a few minutes (although we do recommend you make the call 24-48 hours in advance). We believe in being prepared, and have done just that for many brides. Why not come check it out? We would LOVE to learn more about your special day and show you how we can give you the wedding of your dreams. Call us now for a free tour at 205-440-3413 or

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