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The Rules

We are passionate about making your special day the best it can possibly be. With that said, we do have some basic, common sense rules. These are here for your benefit and to insure the safety of all our guests.

  • Alcohol is permitted but must be served by a licensed, insured bar tender.

  • No glass bottles permitted (cans and plastic bottles only).

  • No illegal drugs allowed. Violation of this rule may result in the immediate suspension of your event and with no refunds.

  • No fighting or physical altercations allowed, ever. Participants will be escorted from the premises (no second chances). Any situation that we deem a danger to our guests may result in the immediate suspension of your event and with no refunds.

  • Smoking is permitted only on the back patio area. Smoker should use the sand buckets for their cigarette butts to prevent a fire hazard.

  • We welcome your decor, but you may not put nails or screws into our structure. Zip ties, rope, etc. are permitted. All decor must be removed by the end of your rental period.

  • Your personal items and any rentals must be removed immediately after the event. Items left on site after the rental period are subject to penalty.

  • Outside sound systems and bands are permitted, but no subwoofers.

  • Outside food is permitted by any licensed, insured catering company.

  • Your event must end by 10:30pm. All guests should exit the property by 11p.
  • Absolutely no confetti, glitter or fake rose petals allowed (automatic forfeit of your security deposit) in either the event barn or the ceremony area.
  • Please do not use wax candles. They ruin table linens, which must come out of your security deposit. 
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