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Suggested Floor Plans

We are happy to custom design a floor plan for your event. This space is so flexible that many things are possible. Please find below a set of pre-drawn floor plans that will help you in designing your perfect event space. Our suggested maximum guest count is 200, but we do have other options for outside seating and/or a tent(s) for larger guest counts. With 60" round tables we suggest 8 guests per table however, it is possible to seat 10 guests at each table, increasing guest capacity. Call us today for a free consultation and tour.

80 guests, 10-60" rounds with 8 per table

floor diagram-80 guests.jpg

112 guests, 14-60" rounds with 8 per table

floor diagram-112 guests.jpg

160 guests, 20-60" rounds with 8 per table

floor diagram-160 guests.jpg

200 guests, 25-60" rounds with 8 per table

Floor diagram-200-8 per table guests.jpg

200 guests, 20-60" rounds with 10 per table

Floor diagram-200 guests.jpg
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