DJ/MC Productions (Weddings)

Your wedding day is magical, and your choice of DJ will affect the outcome of your wedding day more than any other vendor whom you choose and we are THE choice of the discerning Bride. Our Online Planner and Song Request System makes planning a breeze and all music is family-friendly (radio edits) and includes all genres, updated weekly. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and we're the right choice to assure that your event is more than you (and your guests) ever dreamed it could be. Why not take the next step? Let's do this.


  • Appropriately attired DJ/MC

  • 5 hours (no charge for load-in/out)

  • Premium sound system

  • Dance lighting system

  • Updated music library

  • Wireless mic

  • Online planner

  • Online song request system

  • All consultations

  • Table releasing (upon request)



On weddings, we take more of a polished style of production. Minimal mic chatter, smooth transitions and clear, concise announcements throughout the night. Your wedding is no place for the DJ to steal the spotlight, but rather it's a time for us to keep the spotlight centered on you, our client. We promise no-cheese and lots of energy.

On music programming, a typical wedding has a wide variety of ages and musical tastes. We work in 4-song cycles, trying to tap every age bracket during each cycle. What we've discovered is that grandma is fine with Usher or Bruno, just as long as there's something coming up within a few songs that taps her era of music. The same goes for your younger guests. They're fine with Commodores or Journey, just as long as there's "something cool" coming up for them within a couple of songs. By mixing genres and tempos, we keep more people engaged, which keeps the energy high throughout the night. This system is consistent and is one of the secrets to our success.



We take the decor of your event seriously and make every effort to present a sleek, ultra-professional look that will compliment any setting. Here are a few examples, to show you some of the typical DJ setups we use. We use a custom DJ facade, either white or black. With white, we uplight it and synchronize the color changes with the rest of the room (uplighted events). For sound, we prefer a concert grade, bi-amped sound system (QSC tops with Alto subwoofers) for a rich, full sound. We also LOVE our very cool "Elvis-style" mic for toasts. As you can tell, we take great care to offer a clean look that will compliment the rest of your decor.